Hi, I'm Andrew. Nice to meet you!

I’m a Front End Engineer from England living in Vancouver, BC. I specialise in building high performing web applications and innovative user experiences using modern Javascript, HTML and CSS.
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Applio’s end-to-end lettings software lets landlords and agents manage the whole pre-tenancy process in one place. By automating many of the manual tasks, Applio cuts 70% of the time and creates a simple, clear process for tenants to keep track of where they are in the process. The platform, which was built using Meteor.js framework, allows for real-time updates, payment of application fees and online e-signatures.

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Scroll Entrance Plugin

Scroll Entrance is a open source JavaScript plugin I developed to easily add animations to elements when they are scrolled into view. To date the plugin has had over 3000 downloads.

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Travel Industry Personnel

Travel Industry Personnel is the largest company committed to staffing within the Canadian travel industry. The client required a rebrand of their existing website which was over 10 years old. Work was commissioned to build a fully responsive, high performance website which allowed users to search and apply for available jobs, integrate social media api as well as ensuring it was easy for the company to maintain.

For this project, I developed a bespoke WordPress theme and implemented a Job Board for applicants to apply for jobs online. Job postings are synchronized with Indeed, LinkedIn and Twitter to reach as many potential applicants as possible.

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Etch Themes

Beautifully designed, intelligently coded UI design kits for web and mobile across a projects entire workflow.

Etch was created to solve the problems we had when building websites. Some themes looked beautiful, but the code was a mess. Some themes were perfectly coded, but looked ugly. We wanted themes that did both – clean code and elegant design.

Etch themes is currently in development and built with Gatsby.

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Guitar Tuner

Design and development of a guitar tuner, built using React and the Web Audio API.

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About me

I'm a front-end engineer with 8 years professional experience in building efficient, scalable web applications and creative user experiences. While I enjoy experimenting with new frameworks and libraries, I understand the importance of placing focus on the end goal: delivering a beautiful, functional product to the user and client. For work enquiries or if you just want to say hello, email me today at